Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Racing Again

As an adult you have to give up lots of things you once loved for various reasons. One thing our family gave up for various reasons is racing. My husband raced a truck in a circle track series for a few years. I spent many Saturdays at the track watching the races. We haven't been to a race as a family since he sold his race truck, but two weeks ago my husband's father was racing.

Now, I have never seen my father-in-law race except for on video, so I was looking forward to knowing someone on the track. My father-in-law was racing in an event called The Preacher Feature. It is a race where preachers, youth ministers, worship leaders, and other clergy borrow someone's race equipment and race each other. It sounded fun like an accident waiting to happen if you ask me. But the only accident happened in practice. When the laps had been driven and the smoke cleared my father-in-law won! He won the first annual Preacher Feature. I don't think he mentioned to the other drivers that he used to race in his younger days.

I have to say I enjoyed the races. I enjoyed friends gathering to cheer on a family member, I enjoyed the other fans smiling and waving at Little Britches, I enjoyed the races that we saw before the Preacher Feature and I enjoyed being a part of the winning family. It was all fun. I don't know how I feel about racing overall. It is a time consuming, bank account draining hobby that brought about some great things in our lives once upon a time. IF my husband decides to race again I have told him I would like for him to race in the class of cars that race first. That way I don't have to be out at the track until 11pm or later. That is way past my bed time. I have noticed there is a class of cars that are just regular cars that have been turned into race cars. There is an Impala sitting in the driveway with 215,000 miles on it that might find a new life someday as a race car, but for now it still has to be the family sedan that Little Britches and I get around in.


Here is a picture of Little Britches at her first race:

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