Monday, May 24, 2010

Super Busy

This is such a super busy time of the year!  Just this weekend we walked through the house we are buying, had a MOPS and Pops dinner theater to wrap up our year at MOPS, family visiting from South Texas, a wedding to attend, a funeral to attend, and my sister visiting!  Not to mention the things we would have liked done- attended a friend's doctoral graduation (Congrats JEU!), attended a friend's nephew's 1st birthday party, taken a family walk, or even taken a breath.  Some of our weekend plans were cut because Little Britches wasn't feeling her best.  We decided a late night out at a wedding was not going to be anything but trying to sooth a fussy, tired baby, but the rest of it we at least sent a family representative to express our love. 

All this busyness helps me not think about the things that are looming in my near future: unpacking all our stuff and deciding what will no longer fit since we are downsizing, and saying good bye to two good friends.  I am the type of person who you can know, but not ever REALLY know.  I love people, but I do not let too many people into the deepest part of me.  I am sure some therapist could tell me why.  I am sure it has to do with moving every 4-5 years all the way up until I turned 22, but it is what it is.  I pray often that God will allow me to love as He loves- freely, not worried about letting myself get hurt of left or left out or whatever.  He has and is continually answering that prayer.  One way He answers that prayer is by providing me with a few good friends.  I can name 4 women in my life that I would say are my closest friends.  Two of them are moving away at the beginning of June.  These are two women who challenge me spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and even physically.  I fell like a better person after having spent time with both of them.  One of them is family- my cousin, but both of them are family through Christ and that family bond is so dear to me.  I have been so busy I have not really had time to think about the loss in my life.  Will Mayzie know and love my cousin's two girls like I love my cousin?  Will Mayzie always hold a special place in her heart for her best bud, Annie, like I will always hold a special place in my heart for Annie's mom?  I hope so.  Friendship takes work when you live near, and possibly even more work when you live far, but the friendship of these two women in my life if worth every phone call, facebook post, post card, and plane ride we take over the next year of our life.  I am missing them already! 

God is so sweet to me in so many ways.  He has given me the gift of friendship and though I don't want to say good bye I know He calls me friend!  Also, of the 4 women I would consider my closest friends, 2 are moving away, but one is returning after a 3 year missionary experience in July, and one is not going anywhere!  I am looking forward to spending time with my friend that is returning and in planning a vacation to another part of the country to visit my friends that are moving. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The prayers we pray and what we really mean

Yesterday I received the news that the little girl I had been praying for, Chrissie, had passed away. Our prayers for healing were answered! She no longer has a broken heart, lungs that don't function, tubes inserted all over her body, a body that is paralyzed to due to medication. No she is free to run, free to dance, free to sing, free to be whole in the presence of Christ. But my heart is sad. Sad for her mom who will never hold her baby girl in her arms again. Sad for her brothers and sisters who now have a missing sibling. Sad for the loss those of us who were drawn to our knees in prayer for this girl and this family feel as we realize she is gone. Sad that a funeral has to be planned. Sad that a small coffin has to be chosen. Just sad.

God teaches us to pray, "not my will but thine be done". And "not to us, not to us, but to you be the glory". I pray these things and there is a whole big part of my heart that means them, but, oh God, there is a part of my heart that rebels against the idea that your will and your glory could be brought about through such pain and agony, such heartache, and loss. Then I think of the cross- your will, your glory brought about through pain, agony, heartache and loss. I still don't like it. My spirit still pushes against it. I still, in my deep down heart of hearts, hope you don't call me to it, but I press into the idea that if the day comes that you find it right to glorify yourself through my family is such horrific ways you will find it right to let me experience your love and peace in even more tremendous ways- ways I could never imagine. I ask God that you will use us for your glory- whatever that means. I pray that prayer with fear and trembling, but with trust that you indeed are good. Just look at the cross.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Rookie Tri

We've been busy at our house- packing, moving, waiting and waiting to close on the sale of our house...waiting...waiting...

Anyway in the mist of all that I did my frist triathalon!  The The Rookie Tri was held Sunday, May 9- Mother's Day.  Little Britches' grandma came at 5am so Little Britches would not have to go with us.  There is nothing sweeter than my mother-in-law trying to act happy and alert so early in the morning. 

Jackie, Wendy, Cameron, and I took off toward the Texas Ski Ranch with bikes, googles, and running shoes in tow.  Everything went really well. 

I had never practiced open water swimming.  Barton Springs is just too cold for me to endure.  I swam the 300 meter is about 10 min.  I had never practiced transitioning and you could tell by my T1 time, but most of it was a bike glove that would not slide onto my wet hands.  I had never biked 11 miles all at once.  I did the bike in under an hour.  I had never changed a flat on my bike.  I had a flat the 2nd mile of the bike portion of the race.  I changed it all by myself using the tips Cameron had given me the night before, just in case something happened.  I did much better on my second transition, as shown by my T2 time.  And I ran at a pace I was pleased with, so all in all I felt my first tri went pretty well.  Of course I wish I had not had a flat tire, but what can you do about that?  The results are posted here.  You can search by my name or bib number: 362.  Besides being our support crew that transported all our bikes and gear, Cameron also took some pictures.  The best way I can post them right now is to send you through this link:
Our home computer is packed so I can upload the photos.  There are some good ones, though so you might want to take a peek. 

Overall I liked the triathlon experience.  I think I will do another one this summer.  When I decided which one I will let you know so you can join me!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Rookie Tri

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and while mothers all across the land will be sleeping in and enjoying breakfast in bed I will be participating in my first triathalon, The Rookie Tri.  I am excited and a little nervous as well.  After training for and completing the Zooma half marathon and posting about it here, and then doing the Bluebell Fun Run and posting about it here I started packing and stopped running or swiming or biking much at all.  But about a week and a half ago I decided I should get with it.  The good news is the distances of this tri are short, so I think I can complete the tri with no problem.  And the other good news is it is my first tri, so I will set a PR (personal best result) for this distance.  :)  I have put in some good training this week, so we will see what happens Sunday.  Stay tuned.  I will let you know.  Here are a few pictures from last year's Rookie.  My husband was a participant.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Cameron and I always go strawberry pickin' this time of year at Sweet Berry Farms in a nearby town.  We love it!  The strawberries are sooooooo delicious and picking fruit you did not have to plant and worry about is the best feeling.  My husband is a want-to-be farmer, so it satisfies his urge to participate in the agricultural process, somewhat.  This year we were delighted to be invited by some friends to join them on their trip!  What fun!  We not only enjoyed strawberries but we also got to catch up with friends we don't often get to see.  If you live in the area we would recommend taking a little trip out to the farm.  Check their website and blog for the most up to date information about the berries.  June brings blackberries and the fall brings pumpkins.  We are planning a blackberry picking party with Cameron's grandmother and some other friends who usually go with us to the farm. Here are a few pictures from our day.