Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get Ready...Get Set...Go

These are words you hear at the begining of a race, but they are also words I hear in my heart as I begin new things.  There is nothing like just jumping into something new.  That is how I was introduced to all the things I love in my life.  This blog will focus on my running, my stitches, and my little britches with a few other musing tossed in for fun.  I am a am fairly new to all three of these pursuits. 

I started stitching about two and a half years ago.  For some reason I decided to ask for a sewing machine for Christmas and my mom was more than happy to get one for me.  She and my grandmother stood looking at me with those, "One of our children DID turn out right." looks and anticipated my first finished project as if it was the first heir.  Well my first project was a pair of pajama pants my mom helped me sew, and may I say they were awful!  Lucky for me, my birthday is soon after Christmas, so I asked for sewing classes for my birthday and there I made a pillow, a purse, a skirt, and a small gift bag.  I felt like I was off to a great start.  I have continued sewing garments, quilts, home projects, and purses, though not as often as I would truly like to. 

I started running about a year and a half ago.  My husband was a runner in high school and has taken it up again.  He wanted me to run with him, but he is too fast, and I don't like to hold him up or cramp his style.  (He says I don't, but I know I do.)  Besides I walk.  Fast.  I can walk a 12 minute mile, which is only slightly slower I ran at the time.  A co-worker of mine invited me to train for and race in the Nike Human Race 10K.  I had only done a few 5Ks before that, and I mostly walked them because I could walk faster than some people ran.  I decided to join her.  On completion of the Nike 10K my co-worker mentioned doing a half marathon.  I decided to go for it because I was already half way there, and that was better than starting from square one.  As I began training my co-worker decided not to do the half marathon because she found out she was expecting.  I continued training only because I had already paid my money and am too cheap to not follow through.  During training I also found out I was expecting and finished the half marathon at 6 weeks pregnant.  I continued to work out all during my pregnancy, though I tapered off or running because it was not the most comfortable workout.  I have signed up and paid my money to run the same half marathon this year.  So I am running again.

Three months ago I became a mom to a darling little girl, "little britches".  She is a delight to her daddy and I.  I have no idea how to be a "good" mom, but I a few years ago I had no idea how to be a "good" seamstress or runner either.  I know all things come with practice and a teachable spirit, and if parenting is anything like the other two pursuits I know I will never complete the learning process. 

Now I am starting to blog.  I am sure I have a lot to learn, so feel free to make comments and suggestions.  Ready...Set...here we GO!

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