Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stictches for EGM

We have friends who share our last name, though they are not related to us, who just had a new baby girl! They named her a different first name than our little britches, but used the same middle name and, of course, last name. Her initials are EGM while our little britches initials are MGM. How fun! Our little britches has a name buddy! Anyway, I am working on a stitching a gift for EGM. I have already embellished a cloth diaper with some fun material sort of like this one.

I took the same material and added a skirt to an onesie. For the first time, I gathered and attached a ruffle to the skirt. It turned out pretty cute. I am working on adding the finishing touches to the dress so that the gift can be delivered. EGM has an older sister, and as a older sister whose younger sister was in the hospital a lot and often got tons of gifs, I want to make her a little something too, but we will see if I can squeeze it in between the running and caring for little britches. When I finish the project I will post pictures.

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