Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eating Local

We like do to our part to be green and reduce our carbon footprint and all that jazz.  We also like to support others who had a great idea and are working hard to execute it and run a small business.  (Somewhere deep in my heart I am aware that this might be us someday and I will be hoping there are people out there who seek out local like we do.)  Anyway, we you live in a major city it is pretty easy to find local places to support, but as you move out to the outskirts of the greater metro area is gets harder to find places that are 1) local and 2) seem like they would pass a health inspection, but on Saturday we managed to do both!  Not five minutes from our house we found Mr. Spud's.  We loved it!  Not only was the food good and reasonably price, but the staff was really friendly and glad to see us. 

My sister and I split a potato and a sub. I ordered a sub combo so we also got 2 cookies with our meal. My husband ordered a pizza and Little Britches got to use the coupon for the free Kids' meal, which included a chicken sub, chips, and a drink. I took her chips and drink. We were all stuffed! Jackie over at Jackie Hearts Movies went with us before she ran off the movies with some friends and had a delicious looking salad. All in all, we would recommend Mr. Spud’s for a alternative to your local sub sandwich chain.

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