Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Open Letter to Dr. and Mrs. JEU and family

Dear Dr. and Mrs. JEU and family,

Our lives have changed dramatically since we first met.

At first, when going out to dinner we needed a table for four, now we need a table for 4 and two highchairs.

At first, we were learning all about each other- you are Cubbies fans, Cameron loves racing- now we know some things about each other build a friendship on that knowledge.

At first, we seemed very different- you from other states, us from Texas, you attending a Presbyterian church with no building of your own, we attending a Baptist church in a big building,- now we seem so very much the same- lovers of baby girls, our one Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, UT, Austin, game nights, and plain 'ol fun.

At first, we could have parted ways with little difficulty, but now we part ways with tears in our eyes, yet joy in our hearts for your family- to see you following God and watching Him lead you into a new adventure.

Our lives certainly have changed, but they have been made richer because of the time spent with you. You have challenged me to enter into authentic relationships with others, to take the risk of truly loving and investing in those around me, not just serving them. You have given me a safe place to be myself. You have lovingly pointed out sin, rejoiced in my victories, prayed through my decisions, showed me how to set boundaries, shared burdens and laughter, birth experiences, a few 10Ks, a half marathon, some homecoming games, a few graduation ceremonies, and many play dates. I know most of this has occurred in the mist of EMU and my friendship, but EMU is being led by JEU as the head of their household and it is evident that she could not be in a more loving, Christ-centered home. I just wanted you to know I feel loved by our Father because he allowed our paths to cross and slowly, but oh so surely, grew our friendship deep and rich.

I will miss getting to see you on a weekly basis! (That is an understatement.) But I know we will "see" each other through the internet and phone, that I am thankful for. And you never know when I will knock on your door with my little bow head in tow. I am looking forward to the day already.

Love you much! Thank you for being my best friend!



EMU said...

1. Thanks for your sweet post! I love it. All very true...our friendship took awhile to form, but now it is solid!

2. Why in the world did you put that picture of us on the Internet!!! We look horrible. And JEU is surely rockin' the 'fro! Hah!

3. We're in Charlotte for the day, resting before we move into CH tomorrow! Almost there...

mrsdlanemoore said...

Comment to 1. :)

Answer to 2. I love JEU's 'fro! It is my favorite hair do he has.

Comment to 3: YEAH! I know you are ready! We can't wait to see pictures.

mrsdlanemoore said...

Also in all honesty about the picture- I chose it from the file of 200 pictures we took that day and in miniature all the pictures look good. ;)