Thursday, April 7, 2011


My adorable Little Britches as a mullet.  She doesn't mean to, it's just that her hair grew out in the back much faster than the front is growing.  I try to get around this fact in one of two ways.  I either put a huge bow in her hair or I put her hair in pigtails.  See examples below:
See, it helps.  Right?  When I put her hair in pigtails it hurts a little bit as I twist the rubber band around.  I have started telling Little Britches that she is so brave as we go through this process.  Now when it starts to hurt a little she will say, "I so brave, I so brave!"  I thought of this as I listened to the introduction of our new Bible Study on Wednesday.  The name of the study is Brave: Honest Questions Women Ask.  As I look over the study I can tell there are times I will want to shy away from the deeper issues because that may hurt a little, but when those times come I am going to say to myself, "I so brave!" and just dig deep anyway.  Who knows it might be the catalyst  of change in my life- change that could transform something even more dreadful than a baby mullet.  It could change my heart and mind for His glory.  That is my prayer for the next 7 weeks.  I will let you know how it goes.   

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