Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MRI / Tuesday workout

I had my MRI today. I usually have no problem with these types of things. I think the only MRI I have had was when I was about 13. Maybe I was smaller then, maybe it didn't hurt to lay still for 25 min, maybe there was music, but something about today was not good.

I bee bobbed into the room all ready for a "no big deal test". The lady had me lay down with my head and neck in this form on the table. Then she put ear plugs in my ears and told me she would talk me through the test. I got into the machine and could barely hear her when she would talk to me. The first segment of the test lasted 3 seconds, no big deal. The next segment of the test she told me was going to last some amount of time but I could not hear her. When the test started it was LOUD, and the whole machine shook with the noise. All I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears. I took deep breaths and prayed. I tried to say the name of Jesus out loud. By this time my arm was completely tingly and hurting a lot. I was getting very hot and sweaty in there and I didn't know if she said the test was going to last 6 minutes or 16 minutes so I squeezed the ball to tell her all was not well with me. She pulled me out of the tunnel and I told her about my arm hurting. She said we could try again with more padding under it or with pain meds, but I would have to come back another day. My husband was home with our daughter. I didn't want to waste his morning off by not getting the scan done, so I started negotiating for the things I needed: to move down on the table so that form was not pushing down on my shoulder where it hurt so much already, music, my socks off, and as much information as possible during the test. These changes definitely helped. My arm still hurt. I counted my breaths, prayed, and sang, but at least it was a bit easier with the distraction of music and being able to actually hear what she had to say.

Next time I hurt myself remind me to hurt my toe or foot so I can go in feet first and let my head hang out.

I won't see the doctor until April 21. I will start physical therapy April 15, though, so hopefully I will be getting better soon.

Oh the MRI center is right next to my gym, so I worked out and then went to have my MRI. That was a good way to squeeze in some exercise!

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