Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's Day

I am not a big trickster.  I was in college, but it was girls dorm stuff, nothing truely mean spirited.  So I don't get into April Fool's Day, but a friend from MOPS had a GREAT April Fool's Day joke for her hubby.  It has made me smile all days, so I thought I would share...

I will change these girl's names since I did not get permission to share:

The lady at my MOPS table, Melissa, is married to a big jokester, so she planned the ultimate joke.  She had another lady from our group, Sally, who is 9 months pregnant take a pregnancy test and give it back to her.  Melissa then took it home and told her husband she was pregnant.  Being April Fool's Day he did not believer her, so for proof she produced the positive pregnacy test.  OH MY GOODNESS!  That took forethought!  Melissa is a very cleaver trickster who knows her husband well.  hehe!

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