Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well I finally got new running shoes and this is what happened!  I had been wearing the same shoes for over a year.  You are "supposed" to change shoes every 300-500 miles.  And while I did not keep close track of how many miles I had put on my shoes I know it had to be more than 300 miles because just in this training alone I had put 129 miles on my shoes before buying new ones.  And that was in a 7 week period, so I think it is safe to say in a year I had hit the 300 mile mark.  I went into my local running store and told the sales lady that I needed new shoes.  She asked me if I had any complaints about my current shoes.  I mentioned that I get blisters on the tops of my toes.  She checked the fit of my current shoes and said they were long enough so she was going to put me in a different brand with a bigger toe box.  I thought that sounded great, so I bought some Asics.  They felt good in the store, so off I went.  I ran 3 miles in them and felt great.  But when I headed out for my 5.5 mile run a few days later I could feel the shoe rubbing on my arch.  I cut the run a little short, knowing I had a 12 mile run looming on the weekend.  I thought the problem was my sock.  I was runnign in a thicker sock on teh 5.5 mile day than on the 3 mile day.  On the 12 mile run I wore thicker socks and heade out on a loop.  I could feel the shoe rubbing my arch, but thought it was because it was already irritated.  I adjusted my sock, I changed my gait, I walked some, I ran faster, I ran slower....none of it helped.  I was on a loop with a group, so I just kept going.  At the end of the run I pulled my shoes off and found this blister! OUCH!  It hurt as bad as it looks.  I did not even go home before I went back by the running store and showed the sales man my issue.  He announced I was in the wrong shoe.  I guess so!  He said they did not have any the new model of my original shoes in stock, but could have a pair from their other store there in a few days.  Perfect!  I went back, used shoes in hand, and they gave me a brand new pair of New Balance.  YEAH!  I have since run 17 happy miles.  I am so thankful I bought my shoes from a specialty shop with such great customer service.

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