Monday, March 29, 2010

Zoom Zoom Zooma!

Well I did it!  I completed my 3rd half marathon.  My second since Little Britches has been born!  The Zooma half marathon was Saturday.  My running group and I, which included Andrea, Elisabeth, and Lucinda, set out for Bastrop at 5:30 am!  My mom-in-law came and kept Little Britches while my husband, Andrea's husband, and Andrea's two older girls came out to the race to cheer us on.  The course was very hilly for the first sixish miles and then the hills were few and far between.  The last two and half miles or so was on a golf course so it sort of wound back and forth.  You felt close to the end, but you were not as close as you felt.  All in all, we did pretty well.  Lucinda and Andrea had run the Zooma last year and they both improved their times.  Elisabeth ran her first half, so she set a PR, or personal best record.  And I improved my time by 20 minutes over my November race.  You can see the clock time in the picture, but my chip time was 2:19:07 What's next?  The Blue Bell Fun Run!  It is a short road trip, a short race, and then all the ice cream you want to eat!  Yeah!  We will take Little Britches with us to that race and push her in the stroller.  It should be fun!  Here is another picture from the race.

Here we are, picking up our packets!


iamdriver38 said...

Good job!! I am proud of you!

EMU said...

3 half marathons AND A BABY in 1.5 years...I'm impressed! : )