Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cake by Mistake?

Last Saturday my husband and I took my parents out to eat after working around our house all afternoon.  My dad is slimming down so he wanted a place with salad options.  We chose The Brick Oven.   We enjoyed our meal with only a few tense moments where Little Britches decided she was finished eating and really didn't want anything but to get down and play.  We distracted her enough for everyone to finish their meal in peace, including the tables around us.  My parents hurried out after they had eaten in order to get to Sam's before it closed.  My husband and I were waiting on the check when Little Britches started getting restless again, so I gathered up our stuff to head to the car.  Nothing will bring a check faster than gathering up your stuff!  The waitress came over and we explained that we needed to head out since our baby was getting a little tired.  She said, "Oh, well, Nick was going to buy you a dessert.  Shall I just pack it up to go?"  My husband and I just looked at each other puzzled and then back at her.  We said in unison, "Who is Nick?"  We learned Nick was another server.  That tidbit of information did NOTHING to clear up the confusion.  To simply end the situation and be on our way we accepted the offer.  When the waitress named the desserts we chose the chocolate cake option to go.  On the way home we tried to decide why in the world we were just given the blessing of a free piece of chocolate cake.  Could it be that we knew Nick, but didn't remember we knew him?  Could it be that it is a new marketing technique that is used in hopes that you will buy a second dessert or stay longer for more drinks?  Could it be that Nick was mad at us for being a family with a slightly fussy baby and he spit in the cake?  What could the reason be?  After some discussion I came to the conclusion (based on nothing really) that the blessing of chocolate cake was not really meant for us, but for someone else who knew Nick or who looked available to Nick and cake was his way of starting the conversation.  No matter how it is that we came to be the owners of chocolate cake we didn't pay for, we sure enjoyed it! 
The whole situation made me think about the blessings I receive everyday from God.  No one single one of them was given to me by mistake.  They are poured out into my life because I know the giver of all good gifts, personally.  His gifts are better than chocolate cake any day, but am I as astounded by them and talk about them as much as I was astounded by and talked about the mysterious chocolate cake?  Sadly the answer is no.  At times I have "gotten over" his blessings in my life, but a little mysterious piece of chocolate cake reminded me how much I really love and enjoy each and every blessing he has given me! - YUMMY!

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iamdriver38 said...

It was one of the best cakes I ever had!!