Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When is an Easter Dress Not and Easter Dress?

An Easter dress is not an Easter dress when you want it to work for your child's baby dedication, which happens on Valentine's Day.  Yesterday I bought Little Britches this dress for her baby dedication. I decided, with any luck, it could also be her Easter dress and just maybe the dress she wears to an upcoming spring wedding we will be attending. I know that is asking a lot of one dress, but I am hoping! To make the dress slightly different for each occasion I am going to do a few "embellishments". For her Valentine's Day Baby Dedication I spent $6 extra dollars on some heart shaped buttons and some red satin ribbon. I took some red satin ribbon and formed a bow with it approximately the same size as the bow on the dress. I fed the new bow through the existing bow on the dress so that it looked like they were one bow. I then sewed a heart shaped button in the middle of the bow. I also attached some red satin ribbon to either side of the waist band of the dress just under the edges of the bow so that my hand stitches were hidden. I left the ends of this ribbon long so that I could tie them in the back. I was going to replace the white buttons on the back of the dress with heart shaped ones, but then I decided just to attach heart shaped buttons in the spaces between the button holes so that when the dress in buttoned up it looks like it has several heart buttons in the mix. I could not, of course, have my child be without a head accessory, so I also transformed a white bow by repeating the steps I had taken for the bow on the dress. Then as the final touch I took white socks with white lace on them and colored the white lace with red permanent marker so that the lace around the socks is now red. We are all ready for her dedication. For Easter and the wedding I will embellish in other ways. On one occasion I will leave the dress all white, but for the other I will get some small flower shaped buttons and pink or yellow ribbon. But which occasion calls for all white? Easter or a wedding? I know an adult wouldn't wear all white to a wedding, but can a 9 month old? Here are some pictures of the "embellished" ensemble.


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Bek said...

Love that red sash... :)

And my vote is color for Easter and white for the wedding. :)