Monday, April 12, 2010

What are Shoes For Anyway?

Two weeks ago our next door neighbor was over watching Little Britches while I did some house work.  After playing with a basket full of toys the neighbor came to me and said, "There were a pair of shoes in the toy basket.  I didn't know if you had lost them."  At anyone else's house that would be a likely assumption, but at our house shoes are toys.  Little Britches LOVES shoes.  She wants to put them in her mouth.  I refuse to let her put our shoes in her mouth; they are dirty and gross.   So I decided that she could put her shoes in her mouth.  I mean she doesn't really walk anywhere.  That has been a happy compromise until now.  On Saturday Little Britches took her first "walk" outside, so now she has one pair of shoes that are no longer for chewing.  I am going to have to clean out the toy basket soon.

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Erin said...

So cute! Parker gives kisses the same way Mayzie does. :)