Monday, April 19, 2010

What a week!

Last week was quite the week!  We had people come look at our house twice on Monday!  They were the same people looking and they offered us a contract by Tuesday!  Our house was on the market exactly one week!  On Tuesday our realtor, Burt, came and discussed the offer with us.  We felt it was a bit low, so we counter offered and it was accepted!  Burt lead us through the process like the pro that he is.  He asked us if we were surprised that the house had gotten a contract so fast.  We said we were not surprised because we had specifically prayed that the house would sell fast as confirmation that we needed to sell our house.  But on the other had we hadn't COUNTED on it getting a contract so fast.  We had mentally prepared for 59 days, which is the average days on the market for our neighborhood.  Why do we do that?  Pray for one thing but prepare ourselves as if God will not answer?  Anyway by the time Burt called us to say the counter off had been accepted Cameron and I were having an adventure of a different kind.

On Tuesday evening Cameron's mom came over to keep Little Britches while we went out.  It just so happened it was the day we got a contract on the house so we were going to sit down, enjoy dinner, and discuss our future plans.  But before any of that could happen life took over.  Cameron had come home from work not feeling well, so he made a doctor's appoitment for Wednesday morning, but by the time our realtor left our house and I had given grandma instructions about bed time Cameron had called the after hours clinic because he was feeling worse.  Our appointment was at 6:20 and every minute that went by saw an increase in pain.  It was heart-wrenching to see your beloved in so much pain but unable to do anything.  Cameron did some labs, talked to the doctor, did some more labs, an x-ray, and talked to the doctor some more.  All the while his pain was intensifying and then, after using the bathroom, subsiding until finally it did not intensify as much.  We were sent home with a diagnosis of kidney stone and possible infection.  It turned out to be both.  Cameron came right home and went to bed with the help of some Vicodin.  He stayed home from work the next day because he wasn't feeling great yet.  However, miracle of miracles, he was feeling so good on the second day he was able to eat a KFC Double Down.  See his post about it here.  Now we are looking at houses trying to think about packing up and movin' out.  What a week, I say!

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iamdriver38 said...

It has been a crazy two weeks!!

I love you, and look forward to the coming weeks too!!