Monday, April 26, 2010

The Zoo

A little know fact about me:  I have a Commercial Drivers License.  I had to take a written test all about how to drive a 18 wheeler and what to do with emergency flares if you have a blow-out.  I failed it the first time.  That kinda hurts because I haven't failed many test in my life, especially ones I have studied for, but it's good for me to fail test every once in a while.  Anyway I took it again and passed!  Then I had to do the drivng test.  I was going to be driving our church's bus, so I drove that for the test.  It is a 26 passenger bus, so not the big full-blown school bus, but big for sure.  It is really not hard to drive.  If you can drive a truck with a trailer attached, which I am very good at, you can drive a 26 passenger bus.  The hardest thing about the test is you have to parallel park the bus!  I did it,thanks to a guy from our church who was patiently worked with me on it, but let me assure you I would walk 5 miles before I parallel parked the bus.  Seriously!  So what does all this have to do with the zoo?  I am glad you asked.

Our kids choir at church called KidzPraiz had a field trip scheduled for Saturday to the Austin Zoo, but had to bus driver to drive them.  My husband was going to be out of town so I did not volunteer because Little Britches's carseat can't go on the bus very well.  But no one else volunteered.  I didn't want the kids to NOT get to go to the zoo, so I volunteered and had a friend who works with the kids choir follow along behind the bus in our car with the carseat safely buckled in the backseat.  The trip was a little rushed since the choir kids were not that interested in really observing the animals.  They mostly wanted to run by each cage to say they saw each animal and then quickly get to the petting zoo where they could give away their animal feed.  We had a good time and got to practice some baby sign language.  I was wondering if Little Britches's thought her mommy was crazy for doing the pig sign at the thing we saw on Saturday and the cute stuffed animal she has.  I mean if I was a baby I would be thinking, "You have got to be kidding!  Those two things don't look anything alike!" 

Here are a few picturs from our trip:

Look at these guys!  They are bigger than Little Britches!
Little Britches and Momma, having a good time!
Me and my monkey, Mortimer.  I brought him along see he could meet his cousins.
Look at this big kitty cat with the pretty spots!
My best bud likes ducks, so I took a picture of a real one for her.  Here ya go, Annie.
Whew a day at the zoo is tiring!  I need a nap!

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