Friday, May 14, 2010

The Rookie Tri

We've been busy at our house- packing, moving, waiting and waiting to close on the sale of our house...waiting...waiting...

Anyway in the mist of all that I did my frist triathalon!  The The Rookie Tri was held Sunday, May 9- Mother's Day.  Little Britches' grandma came at 5am so Little Britches would not have to go with us.  There is nothing sweeter than my mother-in-law trying to act happy and alert so early in the morning. 

Jackie, Wendy, Cameron, and I took off toward the Texas Ski Ranch with bikes, googles, and running shoes in tow.  Everything went really well. 

I had never practiced open water swimming.  Barton Springs is just too cold for me to endure.  I swam the 300 meter is about 10 min.  I had never practiced transitioning and you could tell by my T1 time, but most of it was a bike glove that would not slide onto my wet hands.  I had never biked 11 miles all at once.  I did the bike in under an hour.  I had never changed a flat on my bike.  I had a flat the 2nd mile of the bike portion of the race.  I changed it all by myself using the tips Cameron had given me the night before, just in case something happened.  I did much better on my second transition, as shown by my T2 time.  And I ran at a pace I was pleased with, so all in all I felt my first tri went pretty well.  Of course I wish I had not had a flat tire, but what can you do about that?  The results are posted here.  You can search by my name or bib number: 362.  Besides being our support crew that transported all our bikes and gear, Cameron also took some pictures.  The best way I can post them right now is to send you through this link:
Our home computer is packed so I can upload the photos.  There are some good ones, though so you might want to take a peek. 

Overall I liked the triathlon experience.  I think I will do another one this summer.  When I decided which one I will let you know so you can join me!

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