Monday, May 3, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Cameron and I always go strawberry pickin' this time of year at Sweet Berry Farms in a nearby town.  We love it!  The strawberries are sooooooo delicious and picking fruit you did not have to plant and worry about is the best feeling.  My husband is a want-to-be farmer, so it satisfies his urge to participate in the agricultural process, somewhat.  This year we were delighted to be invited by some friends to join them on their trip!  What fun!  We not only enjoyed strawberries but we also got to catch up with friends we don't often get to see.  If you live in the area we would recommend taking a little trip out to the farm.  Check their website and blog for the most up to date information about the berries.  June brings blackberries and the fall brings pumpkins.  We are planning a blackberry picking party with Cameron's grandmother and some other friends who usually go with us to the farm. Here are a few pictures from our day.

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iamdriver38 said...

I had a great time!