Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Annual Run with EMU 10K

Family Picture on Race Day!

Look at those cute race shirts and race day onesies!

Last Saturday Little Britches, Little Britches' Daddy, and I ran in the First Annual Run with the EMU.  It was a lot of fun.  What is the First Annual Run with the EMU you ask?  Check here to find out. 

So it was unofficial race with t-shirts and prizes!  How great is that?  After the nearly disastrous half marathon the week before I was not sure how I would do.  I had to walk with Little Britches because she is not big enough to be jostled about in our jog stroller since it doesn't recline at all.  I had a friend who was going to come and walk along with us, but she did not end up making it to the race, so Little Britches and I set out to walk alone.  Now, I usually walk this trail with Elisabeth and her cutie pie daughter, and I did not realize how much having someone to talk to substantially decreases your perceived time and distance.  It seemed like it took Little Britches and I FOREVER to walk around the trail's loop once.  When we had done just over one lap we got lapped by the first two runners- Little Britches' Daddy (along with our two dogs) and our friend Chris!  Way to go guys!  Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and saw Little Britches' Daddy standing there waiting on us.  He took Little Britches and I took the fast dog and we traded.  He walked and I ran.  I thought I would catch back up to him in a lap and a half, but it took two laps.  We passed Little Britches off to a friend and ran the last lap together with our two dogs.  It was fun to run and finish together.  All in all we finished our 10K in one hour and nine minutes.  That is just over an eleven minute mile.  Not bad for having walked over 1.5 miles of it. 

Now the question is do I sign up for the Zooma Half Marathon?  I think my friend Elisabeth is going to do it too- maybe!  I like doing races with friends, so I think I am ready for the challenge.  I have heard the course is hilly, so I need to stop avoiding the big hill in our neighborhood.  I am looking forward to starting my training right after Thanksgiving! 

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