Friday, November 27, 2009


Okay, so as I said in this post my latest sewing project was a pillows covers for my aunt.  She sent me one pillow and the material.  The pillow was a 22 x 22 feather pillow, so I made three 22 x 22 envelope style pillow covers.  But to my dismay when I tried them on the pillows they had wings.  It seems that feather pillows sort of slump towards the middle and don't really fill out the corners of a pillow cover.  My solution was to custom fit each cover to the given pillow.  I think they turned out pretty well.  I am shipping them off tomorrow, so we shall see. 

Here is the pillow with wings...that just won't do!

I turned the pillow cover wrong-side out and pinned the extra, so I would know how much to take off.

I took the pillow to my sewing table and pinned the envelope closed so that it wouldn't slip during sewing.

I then took a ruler and drew a line with a pencil right above the pins I placed in the pillow.  I worked with the "I can always take off more if I need to" philosophy.

Now I sew on the line that I drew.

Now the pillow looks better, not perfect, but much better.  I will go back in a work on it a bit more.

When I am all done I trim my seam allowances (the material that hangs off pas the seam) to 1/4 inch.

All packed up and ready to send.

Next project?  Matching dresses for Little Britches and one of her friends!

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iamdriver38 said...

Great problem solving!! They look great and you are sooo talented. We really need to get a booth and put you to work.