Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dressing our little Jacket

Well, better late than never. As promised Here are some resources that helped me as I made Little Britches's outfit for homecoming. First of all I started out with the dress. I have made several of these and I really like that they have the onesie under them so that they don't ride up. I looked at several tutorials and pictures.  Then I kind of used a little from each of them to make our dress. Check out the tutorials and pictures here,  here, and here.   There is some very cute stuff out there!

Then the outfit just did not seem complete without a head adorment so I took this tutorial and made a flower.  I attached that flower to a ribbon.  To get the ribbon to stay on her head, intead of just making it the size of Little Britches's head I made it a smidge smaller and added a short length of elastic as the connector.  I didn't use this tutorial, but it is the basic idea. 

Now that Little Britches was all decked out I needed to cover her feet since this was an event outside in October.  I didn't want to have to be picking up kicked-off socks all day so I decided to make her some shoes after looking at this shoe tutorial.  I friend asked me if the shoes were reversible.  The ones I made were not, but I had remembered seeing this tutorial that gave instructions for a reversible version.

All in all I think the outfit turned out pretty cute.  None of it was too hard and I just did it during several nap times over the week. 

Currently I am starting work on Christmas gifts.  If you have never gone to sew mama sew and looked at their handmade holidays blog posts, you should.  They are full of great ideas. 


Crysta said...

My biggest hits for Christmas gifts have been (tasteful- not too cutesy!) table runners. I usually quilt them and make one side very Christmasy and the other side more versatile.

mrsdlanemoore said...

Crysta- That is a great idea!