Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Riding so I can Run

My husband found a bike trainer on craigslist for a "I just could not pass it up" price. So we brought it home and I road it. Riding is good for runners for all sorts of reasons, but yesterday it was good for me as a runner because it meant that I didn't have to pound the pavement. This was a plus because I have two toe nails that are bruised and falling off from the half marathon. (I will spare you the picture of those). Using the bike trainer is also a great option for exercising with Little Britches is taking a nap. That is IF she will take a long enough nap. Today she went down for what I thought would be at least a two hour nap, so I checked my email, was going to grab a quick nap, and then workout. Little Britches only slept 50 minutes, so no nap and no workout. Oh well there will be other naps. Tomorrow Little Britches meet our friends for a walk. That should be fun. And Saturday- Run with EMU! (Or walk with EMU)
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