Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Traditions (prize to be awarded)

Okay, so I thought maybe if I gave you the freedom to express yourself a little more it might be better than posting a new poll!

Post a comment telling me what your favorite holiday tradition is AND why.  I will take comments until Monday night, then I will radomly select a commenter to win the materials to recreate one of my favorite holiday traditions, but I can't tell you what it is yet.  It is a surprise! 

Start commenting!


iamdriver38 said...

I think my favorite holiday tradition is going to my grandparents house with my mom's entire family. It is something we did every year as kids, Santa Claus used to come over and he looked like a real old man Santa Claus not a mid 40's guy playing to make some extra cash. You could tell he did it for the kids, as a kid I never quite knew if it was the real Santa Claus but I know one of my cousins was convinced. Besides Santa Claus my entire family, all my cousins and Aunts and Uncles were there and it was just a great time. I miss what used to be and get a little disappointed in what it has become. They are some great memories.

EMU said...

Hmmm...I have so many traditions that I love (stay tuned to our blog to hear about lots of them!), but I think I'll share a fun Thanksgiving tradition since it's almost Turkey Day! My dad, older sister, and I were involved in the YMCA's Indian Princess program when I was little. Every Thanksgiving we would make a float and march/ride in the Thanksgiving parade downtown. When I was in third grade a photographer from the local newspaper snapped my picture and took my name, and that next day I was on the front page of the paper. So fun! :)

Greg Godsey said...

This is something Crysta and I have been talking about a lot. We have old family traditions we remember from being kids, mixed in with new ones we've started for our kids.

I'm going to go with a new one we started in California. We like to go to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree. The kids go crazy romping through the would be geometrically square forest yelling, "what about this one!"
Crysta and I walk around for what seems like hours agonizing over the "perfect" tree. It's funny how important it is to have a balanced tree that will die in a few weeks and be turned into mulch. But how many Christmas parties can you remember coming home from in the car and saying, "they have an awful tree..." So even though its only for a short time it becomes critical that your tree is awesome.

My favorotive part of the tree farm is stuffing the tree through the hoop in the netting. The kids get dirty, we spend like $10.00 on hot cider and go home with a sappy tree strapped to the roof. Good Times.

JEU said...

My favorite tradition is our family "present brigade." We would leave our presents in the attic until Christmas Eve...then right before dinner, we'd form an assembly line (or brigade, I guess) to get the presents from the attic to the tree. My mom was always stationed in the attic, my brothers and I were in the middle, and my dad would arrange the presents under the tree. An unofficial part of this tradition is that one of us would always exclaim, "[Insert Brother's Name] got more presents. He ALWAYS gets more presents." To which my mom--who never seemed to catch on that we were messing with her--would inevitably reply, "We spent the same amount on each of you!"