Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Shower of Baby Gifts

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Okay, a few weeks ago when I said Little Britches got a new burp cloth, I lied.  I ended up saving that for a baby gift I delivered tonight.  I wasn't planning on delivering it tonight, but my husband came home and was so excited about the finished products that he wanted to hurry and deliver them.  While that was a sweet compliment, it caused me to not be able to take a few quick pictures before the items left the house, but that is okay because, we didn't know it, but the baby is coming tomorrow!  So, sorry, I will just have to create word pictures for you. 
First of all I had lots of the material and ribbon I made the burp cloth out of left, so I decided to make a theme gift since the family includes a UT alumni.  After the burp cloth I made a longhorn rattle.  I took the outline of a longhorn and traced it onto the material.  I then cut it out and sewed it together with the right sides facing each other.  I was sure to leave a bit of the seam open so I could turn the longhorn right-side out.  After I turned it right-side out I stuffed it with stuffing and included a few jingle bells.  I put a loop on the top of the stuffed longhorn as I closed up the seam so it could hang from an infant gym or carseat handle.  Imagine this logo only in the pink material, puffy, and with a ribbon loop on the top. 
Next up was a onesie dress  made with the pink material for the skirt and the pink polka dot ribbon as the waist band.  It is the best onesie dress I have made yet!  Soon I will be able to whip one up in no time.  
No dress is complete without a hair (or head) accessory! So, naturally, I made a bow out of material and attached it to some ribbon.  I sewed a small piece of elastic between the ends of the ribbon to give it some stretch.  
I still had a small square of the pink material left and plenty of the ribbon, so I made a 7" x 7" loopy blanket.  I did not follow a certain tutorial, but this is the basic idea.   
I liked the way the gift set turned out.  I think it is fun to give what you make! 

My next project is a paying gig.  My aunt has commissioned me to sew three pillow covers for her.  It will not be hard, but I am procrastinating because I want to get it just right.  I DO need to start the process though.  And when I do I will be sure to take pictures- promise.

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Jackie Truitt said...

You go girl! I was lucky enough to see the finished product of the rattle, and it looked GREAT! I swear you could sell those like crazy and make a bunch of $$$ (don't mention that to Cameron though, cause he'll have you in business for sure!)