Monday, January 24, 2011

Let Your Net Down on the Other Side

I love the story in Luke 5 about Jesus calling the first disciples. I love it because Jesus met the men where they were in their everday life- fishing. I love it because, though these men were professional fishermen, Jesus knew more than them about everything, including fishing. I just love the story.

Isn't it so true that we get comfortable with the knowledge we have in a certain area of life. We just put it on auto pilot and do whatever it is we already know how to do. My family and I done this, we have all done this, and most of the time there is no problem with it. The problem comes if Jesus is telling you to do something that seems to go against your expert knowledge. What will you do? Will you "let down your nets on the other side of the boat" or will you stand on shore explaining to Jesus why that would never work? The result of Simeon letting down his nets was not only a catch of fish that almost tore the nets to pieces, it was so plentiful, but the result was also recognition of how amazing Christ is and worship was the outflow of that recognition.

For a little while now my family and I have sensed God telling us our time as members of our church was drawing to an end. We didn't want to rock the boat, I mean I was on staff, my husband's parents go there, I speak every week from the stage, I coordinate Kid's Camp, blah, blah, blah. We were on the shore telling Jesus that we knew how to do church better than he does. Finally in November I went to our pastor and told him we needed to be obedient, to let down our nets on the other side. He said January would be a good time to tell the church and proceed. The very next week my husband and I experienced such a joy and freedom in worship. Simply knowing we were taking the steps to be obedient allowed us to recognize Christ at work and worship him.

Now we don't know where we are going, or who will be there when we get there, but we are ready to set off on an adventure with Christ. I am looking forward to being Cameron's wife and "the lady who speaks". I am looking forward to being Mayzie's mom instead of "the lady who does camp with that cute girl". I hope I find moms with little girls to play with, I hope we find friends we can share life with, I hope we find a body of believers who push us to be more than we are in Christ. I want all this and more- I want to follow Him, wherever He leads, to His glory!

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