Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boss Your Heart

You may remember that last spring I was praying for Chrissie, a little girl from our church who had a heart condition.  Sadly, Chrissie went home to be with Jesus last May.  (See this post).  During Chrissie's fight her mom, Lorraine, told her to "Boss your heart."  You can read the story here.  Lorraine has taken the "Boss Your Heart" message a step further.  She has encouraged those around her and on her blog to boss their hearts through God's word.  She has encouraged people to take the "Boss Your Heart Challenge"- to read through the Bible this year.  I have taken the challege!  I am reading through the Bible chronologically this year.  I am excited about what God will teach me through this fresh reading of his word.  Lorraine asked me to write weekly devotionals for those who were following the challenge.  They will be posted on her blog, and I will link them here, just in case you want to take the challenge, read along, or just be (hopefully) encouraged.   

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Jackie Truitt said...

So exciting! I will take the challenge as well - I'll be looking forward to reading your wise insight every week! Love ya :)