Monday, January 24, 2011

Racin' Racin'

After much thought I have decided not to do a half in the spring, but instead do a 10K really well.  I am going to do the Blue Bell Fun Run 10K, then the next weekend I am going to recover at the Zooma 5K, which a bunch of friends from church.  Those races are both in April.  In July I will start training for The Chosen (Half) Marathon for Adoption.  That is what I am going to do.  I am going to Daily post about my workouts so that I have a log of what I did and did not do.  I want to start my race posts with the stated goals so that I will not forget why I am doing what I am doing.  Okay, here is to daily training!  (I just do so much better when I am signed up for something.)

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