Monday, October 26, 2009

Lessons from Homecoming

Well we did travel back to my alma mater for Homecoming this weekend. We also spent the day with Little Britches's G.G. (Great Grandma). All in all it was a fun trip. There are a few things I learned from Homecoming.

1. First and foremost I am old or at least older.

I went to a small school where the students had professors from more than one class and would often be invited to their houses for get togethers and such. When I started school I made a special connection with one of the professor's daughters. She was 6 the year I started school. She is now TWENTY! I don't feel THAT much older than when I left college, but obviously I am.

2. No matter how much time has past there are still places that cause the mind and heart to reflect.

I spent 4 wonderful years at Howard Payne University. I had great roommates, classmates, and teammates. I did things I never thought I would or could do. I learned things I never thought I would or could learn. I was pushed, challenged, loved, and encouraged. All those things came flooding back to me as I was on campus this weekend. And when my husband asked where the nearest restroom was I remembered exactly where they were! Some things you never forget!

3. Grandmas can spot cute babies from a mile away.

While at times I felt old(er) and a bit out of touch, I was thankful for my new phase in life. Being a mommy gives you lots to talk about with others, especially grandmas. I was holding Little Britches while we watched the parade go by and every grandma that past us stopped to say hi and say how cute Little Britches was. All day as we walked around and saw people ladies would come over and start telling me about their grandkids. I listened and loved it, knowing my parents were probably out In public somewhere doing the same thing to some other mom. Of course part of the reason Little Britches might have gotten so much attention was because she was dressed so cute as you can tell from the picture. I will blog about how I made her outfit soon.

4. God has blessed us more than we could have ever dreamed possible.

This picture was taken as we sat on the very same bench that my husband proposed to me on more than 8 years ago. I could never have imagined then what I would have now- a life full of blessings beyond measure. My cup truly overflows with goodness. There will always be a part of me that feels at "home" when I go to Howard Payne. I did so much growing up there, but now I realize that I am still growing and in other 10 years (I graduated in '99) I will feel even older, but will most likely feel even more blessed.

5. Traveling with a baby is work.

I don't really think this needs much explaining. :)


EMU said...

So fun that you started a blog! Glad you had fun at homecoming!

Jackie Truitt said...

I learned several new things about you while reading this blog - wow! I like reading about your new Mommy life. :)