Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dino Fun

Last week we sold one of our cars, so we were down to one car until late yesterday.  If you want the full story click on over to my man's blog and check it out.  So we had to decide who got to drive the one car we had until we found another one we liked and could afford.  Since my husband is the one who goes to work so we can eat, we decided he should take the car.  Good choice, huh?  That left Little Britches and I home or at the walking-distance park or coffee shop.  But yesterday my sister came to visit.  She so kindly offered to drive us to our MOPS playdate, which was at the Dino Park.  Little Britches had a blast at the Dino Park, but not in the way you would expect a kid to enjoy a Dino Park.  Most of the kids liked looking at the life-like dinosaurs and looking for clues on the treasure hunt, but not my girl.  She LOVED slowly walking along the path picking up every big rock she saw.  Then she wanted to show all the trees and dinos her rock treasures.  This took a long time.  She also loved the playground.  So we paid for her to pick up rocks and play on a playground, things she can do five feet outside our door.  But it was fun and we enjoyed spending the day with my sister and our MOPS friends.  Here are a few pictures.  (By the way I didn't get a workout in on Tuesday except walking at teh Dino Park)

What is this?

A dino?  Well I think I will investigat this a little more.

Love me some Aunt Brooke!

Love me some playtime, too!

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