Monday, March 28, 2011

"Peacock Park"

We went to play at Mayfield Park.   I often think we have found most of the free fun things to do in Austin, but we had not been to this particular park, which is often called "Peacock Park" because there are some free roaming peacocks at the park. 

Little Britches liked the peacocks, but she DID NOT like the sound they make, so our trip was mixed with alternating smiles and tears.  It was an emotional day.  Daddy works close by so he come over to the park for a picnic lunch!  That was a treat.  Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

Note:  I have tried to upload photos to this post 3 times!  Just posting it for now without photos.

Me and my buddy enjoying a sunny day!
The beauty we saw all around us
Telling Mommy where to go
Glad Dad came to join us for a picnic lunch
I do NOT like the way those peacocks talk!  It is too loud!

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