Friday, March 25, 2011

Workout Week

I have hurt my shoulder some how and so my workouts and postings have been a little lacking, sorry.  I have seen the doctor who has refered me to a specialist who I can't see until NEXT Thursday.  Until then I am buying stock in Advil.  I am staying active, I just can't run much.  It really hurts.

Sunday- ran at the gym, but my arm was killing me, so I rode the bike

Monday- walk/ran with my friend doing her couch to 5K and walked with another friend in the afternoon

Tuesday- walked with my sweet family around Lady Bird Lake- my favorite type of exercise!

Wednesday- walked for 30 min. with a friend at 9pm.  Some how the day got away from me on Wednesday

Thursday- walked with a friend in the am and danced with another friend at the gym in the pm

Okay that has been my week so far!  On Wednesday I started a "challenge" with a few girls.  The challenge is to track your calories for 30 days.  If you track them for all 30 days then we will get together and go get pedicures.  If anyone fails to track then they have to buy everyone coffee after the pedicures.  Why is it that I need accountablity to do what it is that I know I am supposed to do?  It works!  I have lost 2 lbs already this week.

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