Monday, March 14, 2011

Workout Monday

Sorry about the absence.  Don't know what happened, but last week was crazy.  I did work out most days, but just didn't make it the computer to report. BUT there is nothing like an exciting workout to get me back to the blog.  Today I headed out with the whole crew: Little Britches and the family dog, Cecilia.  We went for a run that includes a part of our neighborhood's hike and bike trail.  There is part of this trail that goes around our neighborhood's lake.  On the backside of the lake it is pretty low traffic, so I often let our dog off her leash to run free.  While she was running free today she almost ran over a HUGE snake.  I hate snakes and I had both the dog and the little one so I did not get close enough to get a good picture, but here is what I got:
Do you see it?  It looks like a long rope?  I know bad pic, but really it made me run a bit faster for sure!

The crazy thing is that when we turned around to run back the other way and not disturb this snakes sunning we saw another, altough smaller snake slither away.  I will not be running back here without my husband for awhile, that is for sure.

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