Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nap Time, Oh Nap Time

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Little Britches?  Oh my goodness!  She is pretending and "reading" and just loving life- maybe a little too much.  Nap time has been so hit and miss lately.  Some days I will put her down and she goes right to sleep.  Some times I put her down and she ends up spending over an hour trying to get to sleep.  I do not really know what to think for sure, but I will say that if she poops before her nap she is MUCH MORE LIKELY (my husband would have this figured out to a percentage if he were at home) to get a good nap in for the day.  So what does this mean?  Is she ready to potty train?  Does she need a later nap time?  I am not sure, but today was a poop day and therefore a good nap day, so I have the time to even pose the question. 

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