Friday, February 4, 2011

Pound- lbs

I was helping a math student the other day and we came across a word problem about weight. The problem used lbs to denote pounds. The student paused while reading the problem, not know how to say "lbs". As I was telling her that is how we denote pounds I remembered my own lbs experience.

I don't recall exactly how old I was, but I know I had to be in second half of 6th grade or older than that because this story took place in Palestine, TX, and we didn't move there until the second semester of my 6th grade year. While in the grocery store one day my mom told me to go and pick up 5 pounds of sugar while she picked up something else. As I turned to walk away I said, "Oh you mean 5 libles." As you can imagine, her response was, "What!?!" I explained to her that when I package said lbs it meant libles, which was equivalent to a pound. Where did I come up with this? I have no idea, but it was firmly planted in my head. Did I mention that I was a "Gifted and Talented" student, and made straight A's at this point in my life? Yeah, being good at school is not the same thing as being smart, in case you ever wondered.

Every time I think of this story I laugh. It is just funny! So next time you go to Rudy's and ask for your turkey, just tell them to give you a 1/2 a lible. I am sure they will know what you are talking about. (hehe!)

And if you are wondering why lbs stands for pounds instead of pds, look here. 

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