Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Park

We love spending time at the park, but today was a rough trip.  It is the first pretty day we have had in a while so the place was busy!  There was a little boy a bit older than MGM playing with rocks today.  He was loading them into a tunnel.  MGM first approached him to join into the fun, but he put his hand out and yelled no.  We decided to play on another part of the playground for a bit.  After some playing MGM noticed that the boy had some playmates join him and she wanted into the group fun.  It seemed like the boy had finished the construction part of his project, so I thought he might not be as offended at her presence.  She walked over and bent down to look in the tunnel with the boy shoved her down.  Now my daughter is a sensitive child.  If you tell her, "Be gentle with the dog."  She sometimes cries.  So you can imagine, a rude shove sent her over the edge.  I told the little boy that pushing was not allows and we stayed in the area with MGM crying her eyes out.  I tried to tell her she was okay.  I encouraged her to ask if she could play with the boys.  By then all the crying got the attention of the other moms.  The mom of the boy who shoved came over.  She asked if someone had pushed.  I told her yes, one of the boys pushed, but I had told him that pushing was not allowed.  She asked if it was her son and I said yes.  As she began to ask her son to apologize, which he did not, I found myself saying that my child was sensitive.  After I said it I regretted it.  I don't want to excuse away who my child is even if it is awkward.  Part of my reaction was my insecurity.  There were a group of moms standing around at the park when I got there.  I wanted to join in the conversation because I so want to make friends in the neighborhood, but the park was crowded and MGM is not really old enough to play safely on her own at on the park equipment especially when there are lots of older kids running about, not paying attention to where they are headed.  So the only time one of them talked to me was because my child was crying her eyes out over what would probably be a "love tap" in a house full of boys.  I felt like a bad mom.  I want to help MGM stand up for herself when she needs to and to always show love and respect, yet I don't feel like I stood up for her or respected her personality.  Well, the good news is the park will be there tomorrow with another opportunity for me to be a better mom.  I love my little sensitive girl.  I know God will use each part of her personality for His glory!

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