Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Little Girls

Someone today posted this article.  I don't often get my information from Redbook, but the last paragraph of the article really tugged at my heart.  It reads like this:
         My daughter, Louisa, is beautiful to me, breathtakingly so. It was the first thing I said when she was  
         born, and then I cried because I was so happy to see her. I still feel that way. Every morning, I'm just
         so delighted to see that little face, those strong, chubby limbs. We call her The Viking because she's so
        exuberant, so gung ho. The idea of her some day comparing herself to Cinderella, or Barbie, or some
        simpering teen queen on TV and finding herself lacking — too fat, too skinny, too loud, nose too big,
        lips too small — and trying to compensate with store-bought sexiness breaks my heart. I don't want
        anyone to take that light out of her heart or out of her eyes. My goal then, I suppose, is to teach her to
        see herself as I see her, and to love herself as I love her, as someone who already possesses everything
        she needs.

When I read this I realized at the same moment that I felt this way about my daughter and God feels this same way about me.  In him, I already possesses everything I need.  Thank you, Jesus!

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