Saturday, February 19, 2011

Workout Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Okay here's how I have been:

Thursday- because of a little miscommunication on my part and my hubby and I helping our neighbors move I did not get a work out in.  BOO!

Friday- The neighbors were supposed to leave Friday morning, but were still needing some help, so I helped as much as I could then went for a walk/run.  I kept going around and around in a smallish cirlce in our neighborhood watching for the neighbors to get ready to pull out so I could say good bye.  My hubby came home first.  A funny thing happend on our run, though.  It was a nice day so there were people sitting out on their porch.  Finally after we passed by them for the third time they called out to us that they were curious about something.  We stopped to see what they were curious about.  They asked what our dog had around her neck- poop.  When our dog poops on a run I do my doo doo duty and pick it up in a doggie bag, but I refuse to carry it.  I tie it on my dog's collar.  You think this would discourage her, but no, it doesn't.

Saturday- We got up and got dressed for run, but it was rainy this morning.  We had to spend an hour at the bank this morning with my parents signing some papers etc, so after lunch with them it was nap time for MGM.  After nap time we headed to Lady Bird Lake for a run.  WHOA, there was A LOT of traffic downtown.  We FINALLY got to the trail and got in a 5.3 mile run.  I am not running as well as I want, but I am making improvements and am doing it DAILY, so I know it will get better and better.

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