Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The 8 miles that almost killed me

Okay, so I did "run" my 8 miles yesterday.  I put run in quotes because I did not run it all.  I didn't even run most of it, but I did run some of it and walk some of it.  Over all I kept my pace average to an 11:40 pace, so it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either.  As I started running my shins started aching, then as I kept running my toe started hurting (I have one toe that bruises and looses its nail every race season), then as I kept running I started to get rubbed all the wrong way, so I didn't keep running.  I walked.  I didn't stroll.  I pumped my arms, moved my feet- walked.  I made myself go the whole distance even though I passed my house at the half way point.  When I finally arrived at home I had gone 8.56 miles in a little less than 1:40.  Upon coming in the house my lower legs hurt so much I couldn't really move them.  I felt like I had WAY overdone it, but much to my surprise this morning I could actually walk without any trouble.  I guess that means I am capable of putting in a few miles today!  Run on, my friends, run on!  

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