Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 100 Days!

Little Britches turned 100 days old today. As my husband said, "You could have been jailed for 90 days, and gotten out by now." Not that I have every remotely done anything jail worthy, but it makes you realize how much 100 days can change your life. One hundred days ago I was a wife. Today I am a wife and a mom. One hundred days ago my belly was huge and tight. Today it is only slightly big and slightly flabby. One hundred days ago I lived with my husband. Today I live with my husband/Little Britches dad. One hundred days ago I got in the car at any whim and went anywhere I pleased. Today I plan trips around nap times and feedings. One hundred days ago I had a head full of thick hair. Today I am loosing it by the buckets, both because of changes in my body and because Little Britches has a tendency to grab on. Though my life has changed there are a few things that remain the same. One hundred days ago I was thankful God had given us new life. Today I am even more thankful. One hundred days ago I was completely in love with my husband for who he was and who he was going to become. Today I am even more in love with him. One hundred days ago I knew I couldn't bee the mom Little Britches needed me to be without complete dependence on God. Today I know that more than ever. One hundred days ago I was the first night I woke up to feed a baby in the darkness of night. Today I still wake up. Who knows what the next hundred days will bring, except hopefully a full night's sleep, but whatever it is I know I will love it because I love the life God has given me. My cup runnith over!  

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