Friday, October 9, 2009

Other Family Memebers

Before Little Britches came along there were other family members who got most of our attention.  They reported to me today that they were feeling left out of this blog, since everyone in the family has been mentioned except them.  Here they are:

The one on the left is Cecilia.  She was posted on Craig's list with no picture and so my husband had to go see about her since he was pretty sure no one would go get a dog with no picture.  There was no picture because the family's German Shepherd had Princess (renamed Cecilia) under a shed and would bark every time she tried to come out.  Who knows how long it had been since she had eaten a full meal.  My husband could not leave her there so she came to join our happy home, but she was not the first.  The dog on the right was our first: Amelia.  We moved into our first house and I stared dog shopping.  I came across Amelia on petfinder.  She was so cute.  I read her story and couldn't help but want her.  She was scrapping in a junk yard for her food when a local rescue group picked her up and fostered her.  She is deaf, so she comes with some special needs.  When I inquired about getting Amelia the news came that she had already been placed with a family, but that that family's cat was not adjusting well to the situation, so it was possible she may still be available.  We would just have to wait.  Well the cat never adjusted so we got our first dog.  They have both been great MOST of the time.  (Amelia is a little like Marley from Marley and Me)  They used to go everywhere with us, but now with a car seat in tow they don't get to go as often.  They do still get to go some places like my parents house at the lake and to check the mail.  They are kind and don't complain, but I know they miss going and doing all the things we did before.  They may change their minds and not mind at all once Little Britches starts throwing food off her high chair.  That will be awhile yet, but I know the dogs would be looking forward to it if they knew about it. 

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