Friday, October 2, 2009

Running into Jam

Last night I headed to the gym.  On Thursday nights I usually take a cardio class called Body Jam.  I like the workout because it is fun and constantly changing, yet I burn close to 400 calories per class.  But last night I knew I had to run because I had missed my Tuesday run due to circumstances out of my control.  A little bummed about this I decided I would go to the first half of Jam and then hop on the tredmill and run 3 miles.  Good plan, right?  Well as soon as I walked in Jam after having eaten pizza and drinking soda earlier in the day I knew I would not leave class to go run, so I made my self run the first half of class.  Boy, what a motivator!  As I was running and started feeling tired I didn't slow down because I wanted to make it to the last half of class.  It was perfect!  I finished 3 miles in 29 minutes and got to class at exactly the half-way point where there is a little mini cool down before starting the last cardio block.  I think I may do the same thing next week.  I need to run 8 miles this weekend, so we will see what kind of motivation I can muster for that.  Oh by the way, here is the training plan I follow for running.

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