Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily Life, Day 17

This is the route I ran today in my Half Marathon training.  I ran 6 miles yesterday and did not really want to run today, and I certainly did not want to run very hard, but those are not options when you have committed yourself to a group.  As I sit here and think about how glad I am that I had three friends to run with today I am struck by the fact that other groups in my life do this same thing.  When I don't feel like putting everything I have into my family, the rest of my family is meeting me right where I am and encouraging me not to miss out on the blessing that is family.  When I am not totally sure I can put my whole heart into worship there is my church worshiping with their whole heart showing me that I can do it, if I just will show up and get started God will meet with me.  I am so thankful for the different groups in my life who are committed to community.  I can't wait to finish this race with this group of women.  We have already planned our celebration dinner because we will finish our training and do well, with each other’s help.  

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