Monday, January 4, 2010

Daily Life, Day 3

Today I started Half Marathon training.  I tried to find reasons not to, but there it was on the fridge staring at me.  Today was Monday and there was a workout listed, so I headed out the door.  For Christmas Little Britches' Daddy got the weather cover for our stroller, so I bundled Little Britches up and put the weather cover on, and we were off for an interval run.  I have to admit that I walked most of the "easy run" portions, but I did add in a little extra running and cooling down a the end.  All in all it felt good to run again.  In 81 days I plan on crossing the finish line in WAY less than my last half marathon time of two hours and thirty-nine minutes.  However, I have heard the hills in this half marathon will get ya if you don't train.  Good news- There are some hills in my neighborhood.  I will have to tackle them on my "easy run" tomorrow. 

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