Saturday, January 2, 2010

We are flipping for our Flip

We got a Flip for Christmas and love it so far!  Instead of sending thank you notes for Christmas we have sent out thank you videos for Little Britches toys.  How fun!  We have also sent short video messages to Daddy at work during the day.  I am working ona short video that shows the latest sewing project I am working on.  It is my first dress from a pattern.  I plan to catch up on some fun things we have done over the last several weeks soon, but in the mean time here is one of our thank you videos just so you can look and see.
More fun videos and pictures coming soon!

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EMU said...

We love our Flip camera too! I love the idea of getting a "thank you video" -- I'm sure everyone would rather get a cute video of Mayzie than a boring old card! : )