Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dress of the Month Club

I do love sewing. I like that I can take raw materials and most of the time form them into something totally different than what they were to begin with and that new thing has a structure and a function. I first got my sewing machine three years ago. Not long after I got my machine I decided I would use it more if I took a class, so I took the Beginning I class at The Stitch Lab. It was GREAT! I learned a lot, but most importantly I gained the confidence I needed to keep sewing. From time to time I like to take other classes from Leslie and the great gals at The Stitch Lab. Last month I took the Dress of the Month Club and had a great time making my first dress. Here is a little video to show you about it.

(well the video is not wanting to upload. I will try again later)

In the effort to be honest I will confess that when I brought the dress home to finish and tried it on....it hangs funny. I contacted Leslie at the Stitch Lab and she was more than willing to help me. We haven't set up a specific time to meet yet for my tutoring session, but when we do I will post about that and the final picture of the completed dress on me because it is hanging correctly.

I heart The Stitch Lab

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Greg Godsey said...

Your a couple of days behind in your one post a day challange!
Better get on it before your readers loose intrest!