Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 25 Days of Chirstmas Day 7

Waiting is part of the Christmas season.  More specifically waiting is part of the Advent season. I was thinking about that and talking to Little Britches about that today because waiting is not something is is naturally good at right now.  But then again, I am not sure I am naturally good at it either, but at least I don't shout No! and start to cry, usually.

I was thinking of how when you are a kid (or a teacher) waiting for Christmas to arrive seemed to take forever, but as an adult (who is not teaching) Christmas's arrival seems to be on the fast track.  Then I realized that waiting is what it is all about and we only wait four weeks, but Zechariah and Elizabeth waited everyday of their lives.(Luke1)  They waited on the promised Messiah to come.  They were not the only ones who waited.  Their parents and grandparents before them waited.  There had been hundreds of years of waiting for the Messiah to come.  (I am pretty sure I would have given up after the first 100)  Yet at the appointed time (not a minute too soon, or too late) the waiting was over.  Oh how I pray that my waiting is filled with meaning and not just the busyness of the season, and I pray that when I am, by God's design, waiting on something I will not lose heart, but will remain faithful to the one who I am waiting on.  

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