Sunday, December 5, 2010

The 25 Days of Christmas Day 5

In an effort to focus our heart on Christ during this season we are doing short advent readings from The Story of the Nativity by Tracy Harrast.  So far it has been great!  Everyday's reading focuses on one thing in the Nativity scene.  Then you get a reusable sicker to stick on the background provided.  The readings are short and they include a suggestion on how to worship today that relates to the part of the Nativity story told on that day.  For example tonight we read about Joseph.  We read that an angel told him to marry Mary.  He obeyed God even when it was hard to do so.  Then it suggested that we pray, asking God to help us be obedient even when it is hard to do so.  The only complaint I have is that Little Britches likes to stick and unstick the stickers, so they are pretty much useless as stickers by the second day.  I am thinking of making magnets out of all the pieces and letting her play with them on the fridge.  We will see if I get that done.  I have quite the todo list!

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