Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 25 Days of Christmas Day 2

This season is filled with many activities.  Lots of them are fun and meaningful.  I am constantly looking for ways to make each activity even more meaningful, not just for my family, but for others as well.  I got the chance to help plan our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Leadership Team's Christmas Party.  In the past the team of about twelve women has done an ornament exchange.  That activity is not a bad activity at all, but I wanted to know if there was a better way to spend less than $5 a piece.  My mind immediately went to Living Water International.  I cannot get out of my heart and mind that I fill up my Nalgene as many times as I want during the day with nice, clean, sparkling water.  Yet, there are people, and not just a few, who don't have access to clean water.  I also cannot get out of my head that to fix the world's water problem would take less money than American's alone spend on Christmas.  Ouch!  So instead of spending five more dollars on an ornament we are not even sure another mom will like, we are going to each bring at least $2.  If each person in our group brings just $2, we will be able to provide clean water for 20 adults for 20 years!  Wow!  In 20 years I doubt I will even remember where the ornaments on my tree came from unless it is a sentimental ornament given by someone special or for a special reason. 

I am posting a video with more information

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