Friday, December 17, 2010

The 25 Days of Christmas Day 14

"Love your neighbor" is a theme I have been taught since I was a little girl.  I try to think of ways to practically do that without being that neighbor.  You know the one you turn out the lights and shut the blinds when you see them coming.  Well yesterday I decided to make something for the neighbors on our street.  There are only 8 houses on our street, so that is doable.  We really only even kind of know 3 out of the 7 of our neighbors.  One family's dog attacked our and then ours attacked back on the third day we lived here, one lives next door and is always outside doing yard work, and the other family we kind of know is 3 doors down with a very social 11 year old that likes to keep tabs on everyone.  I loved the neighbors in our old neighborhood, but it took us years to get to know them.  I want to get to know these neighbors sooner, so I made some Cinnamon Honey Butter to take around to everyone.  Last night Little Britches, her daddy, and I loaded up the wagon and walked up and down our street making deliveries.  It was fun.  One of Little Britches’ new skills is knocking on doors, so she was delighted to get to try out her new skill 7 times in one night.  

May your Christmas be sweet!  ~The Moore's

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