Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 25 Days of Christmas Day 25

First there were no gifts under our tree, then there were gifts placed there on the 24th, then by 10am on the 25th this is what was left

It hit me.  He was there before the presents and he is there after the presents.  That is fitting, I think, since he is THE present we are celebrating.  And one of the greatest things about the gift of Jesus is He is there.  He is there when life seems empty, like our tree seemed empty when there were no gifts.  He is there when our life seems full, like on the 24th when there were more gifts than could fit under the tree.  He is there when life is crazy, though we may not see him, like when we opened gifts and there was wrapping paper everywhere, even coving up Jesus.  He is there, in our hearts, in our homes, and in our lives, loving us, teaching us, calling us, and making us into his image, if we have chosen to follow him.  What a gift!

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